1 Day Marangu Waterfall and Coffee Tour : Our day trip to the Marangu waterfalls has it all, including culture, gastronomy, caves, and lots of engaging conversation. Bring your cozzie because you may want to take a dip in a waterfall or two. Learn everything you can about Marangu’s past and its inhabitants. Marangu, a little hamlet on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, is rich in tradition and history. Get swept away by the Chagga tribe, the distinctive rainforest environment, and the areas where coffee is grown. The action, heritage, and cuisine are all present on this all-day excursion.

We will travel to Marangu Gate (1900m) in the morning, which serves as the beginning point for all Kilimanjaro treks using the Marangu Route. You’ll get a chance to photograph the impressive Kilimanjaro and get a sense of the mountain’s personality. On this full-day journey, you will learn all about the history and customs of the indigenous Chagga tribe, who live in the Marangu region.

At our next stop, a small coffee farm, you will discover how coffee is cultivated, picked, and processed locally. Try processing, roasting, and making a fresh cup of coffee on your own. We will leave for the Ndoro Waterfalls when you have finished your coffee break. Our hour-long descent to the waterfall’s base will take us through a picturesque, verdant area. You have the chance to unwind and cool yourself in the waterfall’s pool right here. The trip to the Chagga Live Museum and Underground Caves will be another highlight.


After a multi-day wildlife safari or after climbing Kilimanjaro, the Materuni waterfalls day tour is the best option to spend a whole day relaxing in a village waterfalls and coffee tour.

The lovely coffee hamlet of Materuni is tucked away on the Kilimanjaro mountainside. Make your own cup of coffee, from tree to cup. Learn from the native Chagga people the secrets of what makes an excellent cup of coffee. The 80m-high Materuni waterfalls are just a short stroll from the settlement. A tranquil swim in Fletcher Lake on Mount Kilimanjaro to end the day.

1 Day Marangu Waterfall and Coffee Tour
Materuni waterfalls

Materuni Coffee Tour and Waterfalls. Start the day with a brief journey up the Kilimanjaro slopes to Materuni, a town that is roughly 1,800 meters above sea level. Some of the best coffee in East Africa is said to come from this lush rain forest location. Visit a tiny coffee farm first thing in the morning to find out how the bean is cultivated, harvested, and processed locally, 1 Day Marangu Waterfall and Coffee Tour

Experience processing, roasting, and making a fresh cup of coffee the Chagga way for yourself. After taking a short stop for coffee, you will go off on a stunning 45-minute journey across hills and valleys to reach the waterfalls. Your Focus East Africa Tours guide will give you further background on the local Chagga culture as well as information about local flora and how they are utilized for food and traditional medicine along the way.

A natural valley with cliffs rising up to 200 feet above conceals the waterfalls. Water flows straight down in a curtain in a small pool where you can relax, eat lunch, and swim in the chilly mountain waters. You will get back in the car and drive to your accommodation in Moshi where you were picked up after the falls hike. You’re going to adore this trip since it’s full of breathtaking natural beauty, interesting information, and, of course, coffee.  Enjoy Focus East Africa Tours day trip to the Materuni Waterfalls, an once in a life time safari experience.

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